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Gemelli Maintenance fully licensed and insured retail cleaning service

For decades, Gemelli Maintenance has led the sector in offering high-quality commercial and industrial cleaning and sanitization services . We are a leading service provider for various commercial projects in New York and New Jersey, including small and large corporate offices, banks, schools, hotels, retail stores, and many more commercial and industrial buildings.









We will conduct the most thorough cleaning possible for your office and building, from top to bottom, including closets and restrooms, and with eco-friendly products.

We will ensure your entire hotel and resort is kept in pristine condition, from the rooms to closets and common areas like lobbies and leisure rooms

There’s always a big mess to clean up after construction projects, so we will ensure this is handled efficiently.

Manufacturing businesses can easily build up dust, dirt and grime, so we will address every stain and pileup.

Financial institutions must be maintained at top sanitation levels because of the high volume of cash, checks and assets handled and stored.

Massive crowds gather in stadiums and other large venues where food, beverages and other consumer goods are sold, and garbage, dust and diseases can easily come about.

If public figures become infected in unsanitized buildings, they won’t be able to pass laws to serve their communities.

Commercial Cleaning Services

We have years of experience providing the best cleaning services in NY, NJ, and Pennsylvania. As well as to other wide ranges of commercial customers.

Office and Building Cleaning

A clean office building is essential to create a safe workspace environment for your employees. Gemelli Maintenance provides customized office building cleaning services to fit all your commercial cleaning requirements.

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Hotel and Resort Housekeeping

A hotel and resort’s cleanlinessare amongst the top factors that determine a great first impression for their guests. Therefore, in-order to provide the most safe and cleanest stay for yours guests, Gemelli Maintenance is the best choice to hire. When working with Gemelli Maintenance, our certified experts ensure to maintain your hotel’s cleanliness and sanitization at the highest level.

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Post Construction Cleaning

The post-construction mess can be a hassle to clean by yourself. Many construction companies do not provide post-construction cleanup services. Which in-turnleaves your property looking like a mess after the construction is done. We understand that it can be quite stressful to deal with the mess created following a construction or renovation.

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Manufacturing and Facility Cleaning

Dust, commercial residue, and grime can become an obstacle in carrying on your manufacturing operations smoothly. Unlike an office environment, manufacturing facilities have to operate heavy machinery and equipment all day. This heavy machinery and industrial equipment accumulate a lot of dirt and grime throughout the day, which in turn affects how it is supposed to properly function.

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Stadium and Event Cleaning

People from all walks of life visit stadiums and event arenas to attend games, music concerts, and more. Thus, stadiums and event arenas are the perfect breeding ground for germs, virus, and bacteria. Hiring stadium and event cleaning services after hosting an event will ensure it is safe to use for the next event.

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Porter Services

Nightly office cleaning isn’t enough for some high-traffic businesses. These facilities require cleaning throughout the day in order to maintain their professional appearance

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New York

Hire professional commercial cleaning services in New York.

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New Jersey

Need professional commercial cleaning services in New Jersey?

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